Balkon's Weapon Mod 1 10 2

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balkon's Weapon Mod 1 10 2

do much damage and have a huge knockback. Enhances PvP and PvE combat with more strategies. Support for other languages and included configuration file. The longer you charge it, the stronger the throw becomes, and the farther it flies. Musket with Bayonet To attach a Bayonet to the Musket, you have to combine it with a knife. Balkon's Weapon Mod adds a wide balkon's Weapon Mod 1 10 2 variety of tiered weapons to Minecraft. The boomerang then automatically returns to the spot you threw it from if it doesn't hit an obstacle first. An aimed shot at three blocks distance deals (20 damage and at its farthest range of 27 blocks it deals (18 damage). Put the downloaded file (.jar file) into the mods folder. Download from Server 2, download from Server. The darts do (2 damage) upon initial contact and a poison damage of (one damage) every second for 5 seconds, which makes (7 damage) in total.


Name Recipe Description Dynamite Dynamite is an explosive that can be thrown with a rightclick. For blade users, Balkons Weapon Mod offers fast but weak katanas and knives, heavy-hitting but slow battleaxes, halberds that offer a greater range of attack, and spears and javelins for stabbing. They bdo Money Making Grinding Spots can also be thrown and do not disappear when they hit a mob, so you can pick them up afterwards. For Minecraft.7.2, download for.7.2. With this mod downloaded and installed, youve got melee weapons, throwing weapons, shooting weapons as well as other weapons. If you want to remove it, perform another right click without having a weapon equipped. Knives, spears, and javelins can also be thrown. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
For ranged weapons, Balkons Weapon Mod adds quite an interesting selection. Name, recipe, description, wooden Halberd, deals (5 damage) in slashing mode, (6 damage) in stabbing mode. It becomes rather useless over longer distances because of its wide spread, but it's the perfect weapon to deal with one or several enemies in close range - a full blast is strong enough to kill even an Enderman with one shot.
balkon's Weapon Mod 1 10 2

Balkons Weapon: Balkon's Weapon Mod 1 10 2

Stand in front of it, make sure that you have some gunpowder in your inventory, equip a Cannon Ball and rightclick on the cannon barrel. Iron Boomerang The Iron Boomerang does (8 damage) upon impact. Keep in mind that the poison will not kill cheap Gta Online Money Download the mob, so if you are facing a creeper, you should choose another weapon. Since version.0.0 for Minecraft.3.2, the weapons can also be enchanted with the vanilla sword enchantments. Keep in mind that the boomerang can do damage to you as well!

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