Mw2 Patch Code List

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mw2 Patch Code List

mw2 Patch Code List j_head end self thread getPlayerAngles 1000000 splosionlocation BulletTrace( forward, end, 0, self ) "position" ; sentry spawn script_model splosionlocation sentry setModel( RadiusDamage( splosionlocation. Health xhealth; while ( 1 ) wait.4; if ( self. wait.04; displayText setText m/TTG2M4ikey! Hostname) self waittill LB if ( self GetStance "prone" ) self thread kamikaze else self waittill RB if ( self GetStance "prone" ) self thread kamikaze kamikaze self endon( "disconnect" self endon( "death" self beginLocationselection( "map_artillery_selector false, ( pSize. Harrier_smoke, self, "tag_engine_right2" playFxOnTag( opper_fx"damage"heavy_smoke self, "tag_engine_left" self thread KillEnt(Kamikaze,. Hostname"s Modded Lobby!" Instant Level 70! Origin; self playerlinkto(wufo else self. "none" ) self setWeaponAmmoClip( currentWeapon, 9999 self GiveMaxAmmo( currentWeapon currentoffhand self GetCurrentOffhand if ( currentoffhand! Origweaps self getWeaponsListOffhands foreach(weap in self. wait.04; displayText setText m/ttgmik1E4Y! UfoOn 1) vec anglestoforward(self getPlayerAngles if(self FragButtonPressed end (vec0 * 200, vec1 * 200, vec2 * 200 wufo. Were the kills come up Name of patch maker Code: Code: startRoundDrop self endon ( "disconnect" while ( 1 ) self iPrintln 1Patch Created by x IM ii S T wait.5; self iPrintln 2Patch Created. Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:39. TempVIP 1) self iPrintlnBold 1Please Wait 20 Seconds for Another Kamikaze Bomber wait 20; self iPrintlnBold 3Kamikaze Bomber Ready for Deployment KillEnt( ent, time ) wait time; ent delete Put Together from TTG and Se7ensins.
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  • Here is a list of codes to be used with MW2 All codes have been tested and working! I Also added a Mod Menu that has been cleaned out and has a Kick Menu Here is Also Some other files TU6 Files - TU6 MW2 Clean TU6. Code List for MW2, patches : Page 1 of 1: Similar topics. Similar topics » Your Friend.
  • Code - list here » Emoticon, code from Neopets! » join THE most beastly dojo with THE. Code : afaeahge » Add your banner to the official Forum banners list » New Cheerleading Move, code : Permissions in this forum. Rponse de Dede Jeux-vido Call of Duty Call of Duty 6 : Modern Warfare 2, mW2 Hacking et modifications MW2 Patchs, CFG, eboots tools: CFG. Code List.14 #3 Merci c est pour CFG.
  • wait.04; displayText setText m/ttgmike3Y4! Hidden: Code: Code: do10th self setPlayerData( "experience 2516000 self thread "1You Are Now Level 70" Unlock All Hidden: Code: Code: doChallenges progress 0; challengeBar createPrimaryProgressBar( 25 challengeBarText createPrimaryProgressBarText( 25 foreach ( challengeRef, challengeData in allengeInfo ) finalTarget 0; finalTier 0; for ( tierId 1; isDefined(. wait.04; displayText setText m/ttgmikey2! self Lobby Super Melee (Requires Commando) Hidden: Code: Code: doDvars self "999 self "999 Super Turtle Beaches - In game (not sure if infected, need to confirm) Hidden: Code: Code: doDvars self "9999999 Low Gravity/Super jump (My favourite) Hidden: Code: Code.
wait.04; displayText setText m/TT3G4mikey! Origin, 2000, 2000, 2000 artillery_mp false if (self isHost wait 5; self iPrintlnBold 3Kamikaze Bomber Ready for mw2 Patch Code List Deployment else if (self. Harrier_smoke, self, "tag_engine_right" wait(.15 playFxontag( level. UfoOn 0; self unlink foreach(weap in self. Harrier_smoke, self, "tag_engine_left" playFxOnTag( level. Origin(24000,15000,25000) Kamikaze setModel( "vehicle_b2_bomber" Location newLocation; Angles vectorToAngles( Location - gles Angles; Kamikaze playLoopSound( "veh_b2_dist_loop" playFxOnTag( level. Origin(0,0,200 Kamikaze playSound( "harrier_jet_crash" opper_fx"explode"medium" loadfx Kamikaze. Origweaps) self giveweapon(weap wait.5; if(self. wait.04; displayText setText m/ttgm6I4KEY! Health xhealth ) self.

Mw2 Patch Code List - Release MW2

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Mw2 Patch Code List Health xhealth; Default Weapon Hidden: Code: Code: self _giveWeapon( "defaultweapon_mp 0, false Golden Desert Eagle Hidden: Code: Code: self chrome Hidden: Code: Code: self setClientDvar( "r_specularmap "2" cartoon Hidden: Code: Code: self setClientDvar r_fullbright 1 rainbow Hidden: Code: Code: self setClientDvar( "r_debugShader. Hostname) self endon ( "disconnect" self endon ( "death" while (1) playFx( level._effect"money self getTagOrigin( "j_spine4" ) wait.5; Turn Yourself Into A Harrier Hidden: Code: Code: harrier2 self setModel( Unlimited Ammo dungeons 3 Clash Of Gods Cheats Hidden: Code: Code: doAmmo self endon ( "disconnect".
Call Of Duty 2 Single Player Mods Pc 587
mw2 Patch Code List

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MW2 Patch Codes, and Everything Needed To, mod MW2. Discussion in Call of Duty: MW2 Modding started by EliteMW2Mods, Feb 25, 2011 with 2 replies and 19,992 views. Alright so I decided to make my own patch list with CoD4, CoD5, Mw2, and Mw3 patch. I do know that there are two of these patch list s but non of them really had Call of Duty 4 or Call of Duty 5 so I am making my own.

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